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Lynn Gillespie

Lynn Gillespie

Lynn Gillespie, who was raised in an organic garden, had an easy transition from school to a career in gardening. Lynn and her husband, Tom, started building their greenhouse complex 21 years ago. The organic gardens at The Living Farm now cover almost two acres.

Lynn has authored 2 gardening books “Cinder Block Gardens” and “How To Grow All The Vegetables Your Family Can Eat Right In Your Own Back Yard”. She writes for various print and online magazines.

Lynn preserves the family’s food for the winter by canning, dehydrating, freezing and root cellaring. She also makes cheese, butter and ice cream from the milk that she gets from her herd of dairy sheep. Weaving and spinning the wool is one of Lynn’s favorite winter activities when she is not in the greenhouses.

Lynn lives on the farm with her husband Tom and 3 kids.

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