Showing the Movie

Schools, Clubs, Churches & Organizations

Opening the door

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to assure you and your students get the most out of this movie.
1. Plan the Date to show the movie & make some posters to advertise your show dates. Get your community excited.
2. Pre Sell tickets (if you are charging for this viewing).

Invitations & Treats

You’ll want to have interesting information with a hands on approach to get the participants excited and involved. Here are a few ideas.
1. Contact local growers and chefs to see who might like to come to the movie showing to speak with your group or help prepare a snack with some local foods. Invite them to talk for 10 minutes or so (fruit growers, vegetable farmers, cow or pig farmer) about their farms, what they grow or raise, how they grow or raise it, where and how it’s available.
2. Send invitations to groups, organizations, growers etc who you’d like to see participate or attend this showing. Mail invitations at least 10 days prior to viewing date.
3. Download and fill out “Release, Rights, and Fees” form below and return to The Living Farm.

Download Movie Flyer Download Movie Poster

Bringing in a few local treats

Can’t find a local grower…go to for a grower near you.

Round Table Discussion

A blank worksheet is available if you’d like to design your own questions to get the discussion started.


1. A variety of worksheets are on this website for easy use
2. You can design your own worksheets if these don’t seem age appropriate by rewording some of the content.

Build a classroom or community garden

1. See instructions provided to choose one of three types of gardens you can start.
2. Purchase the e-book “Cinder Block Gardens” at (if you want a larger project that can harvest enough vegetables and fruits for you to share in your community to the less fortunate, or better yet incorporate a farmers market to continue the education by selling your harvest to your community).

Share the joy

1. Encourage yourself or your family to start a garden at home (an herb or container garden to get started would be great).
2. If using this in the classroom, offer extra credit for participation.
3. Use the movie and website for all of your Locavore questions and needs.
4. REFER a friend to our website, or purchase a DVD as a gift.
5. Visit our Locavore Store for fun t-shirts, totes and more.

Order the DVD

1. If you pre order the DVD’s be sure to have enough in stock, you can always order additional cases at the original case discount price, but you’ll have to pay another shipping charge.
DVD Order Form
2. Download and Print the Fund Raiser Sales Sheet to keep track of sales.
Sales Sheet

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