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What is a Locavore?

Definition: Someone who exclusively (or at least primarily) eats foods from their local farmers, growers and food sheds or a radius of 100 miles from their homes (250 miles depending on location). By eating locally, Locavores hope to create a greater connection between themselves and their community food sources, resist industrialized and processed foods, and support their local economy.

Local food (also regional food or food patriotism) or the local food movement is a “collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of a particular place” and is considered to be a part of the broader sustainability movement. It is part of the concept of local purchasing and local economies, a preference to buy locally produced goods and services. Those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food call themselves “localvores” or “locavores”.

Why should I become a Locavore?

Local food tastes better & is better for you.
Local foods are seasonal & seasonal foods taste best.
Local foods maintain farmland and green space.
Local foods lower your carbon footprint.
Local foods support your local economy.
Local foods promote food safety.
Local foods support community.
Local foods support good health & immunities.
Local foods contribute to the legacy you leave.
Local foods support your local growers and neighbors.

How do I become a Locavore?

1. Plant a garden (even a small herb garden in your home is a good start).
2. Visit your local farmers market.
3. Commit to one locally grown or raised meal per week (to start).
4. Choose 5 foods you will only buy locally (move to 10 after 30 days-it’s not that hard).
5. Preserve, can and freeze local food for off season enjoyment.
6. Barter with your neighbor (trade foods you grow with another local grower or neighbor for variety).
7. Buy foods grown and raised within a 100 mile radius of your home (for city dwellers, within 250 miles).
8. Share the news…invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to watch the Locavore movie.

How do I stay a Locavore?

1. Learn what’s in season.
2. Shop at farmers markets and your local growers food co-op.
3. Visit locally owned food producers.
4. Buy family farmed or fair trade when local is unavailable.
5. Choose restaurants that use locally grown and raised food.
6. Encourage your local grocer to carry locally grown and raised foods.
7. Educate your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family by infecting them with the Locavore bug.

Where can I find local foods in my area?

There are many great websites where you’ll be able to find your local growers, restaurants that serve locally grown foods and your local farmers markets…

Here are a few you can start with…








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