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Dawn Lamping
Locavore Screening in Aspen

What a great job you’ve done with Locavore, I was at the showing last night and loved seeing this movie. I have been learning about the locavorian path for some years, making the effort to purchase local for most of those, actively gardening only two of those, and just had my first season learning canning…especially powerful to me were the faces/voices of beautiful, healthy people and the vibrant color of the Paonia area in the background. Our local farmers are the nation’s future and security, and the work you are doing to publicize the facts about our need for healthy soil and food is important, so for this I say thank you.

Gary Spoto
Membership Chair
Slow Food San Diego

I really enjoyed “Locavore”. The messages on the social, political and economic impact of eating local as much as possible were spot on. As a physician, I know that eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods would do more for the health of this country than any of the current healthcare “reform” proposals currently being discussed in Washington. The overall message of improved health and well being by eating locally and growing your own is indisputable.

David Bedford
Personal Chef

Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet goes to the heart and soul of the agrarian life and our connection to the land, something that is so lacking in industrial agriculture.

As someone who supports and encourages local, sustainable agriculture, I’ve been trhilled to see all of the movies being released on the subject of how we grow food and it’s consequences on both our health and that of the planet. The movie that really surprised me and one that I enjoyed tremendously was Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet, a movie that was made on a small budget by a local farmer. The story is woven between beautiful imagery of the farm and wonderful commentary by a number of local farmers.

This movie was not only made for education and awareness purposes, but to help raise money to build a farm school where interns can choose from summer programs to a full 3 year farm program. I strongly recommend everyone to see this film and support the local food movement; you too can become a locavore.

Danielle Forsythe

This is an amazing film for anyone who wants to learn more about food. It will inspire and educate.

Ryan Lentz

Locavore is an inspired film with motivated people who are concerned about spreading the important message of local consumption. The film teaches one how to become a locavore and leaves you feeling hopeful about the future.

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