Tired of selling cookies door to door?
Wish there was a larger profit in your fund raising products?
Hate hitting up your friends and neighbors for items they don’t need or can’t use?
Don’t want “another” community/school or church cookbook?

Have a Locavore Movie Fund Raiser…and profit $6 per DVD sold.
Great sales at fairs and festivals, earth day, schools, churches, walk-a-thons, relays etc.

Your Potential Profits…
5 cases sold—-Your profit $350.00
10 cases sold—-Your profit $700.00
15 cases sold—-Your profit $1,150.00
20 cases sold—-Your profit $1,400.00

It’s easy…just order the DVD’s in case quantities either before or after you sell them. If you order them after you sell them, please allow 10-14 business days to get your order. (Ordering all at once will save on the shipping charges)

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