Watch the Official Locavore Movie Trailer

“We’re eating oil, right now, and we’re eating out of trucks, and that’s not going to last for much longer. Beauty and bounty awaits in our own backyard.”

♥Brook LeVan-Sustainable Settings

Locavore Local Diet healthy Planet (Movie Trailer) from Jay Canode on Vimeo.

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Watch the official Locavore Trailer

Locavore is an inspiring new documentary about the inevitable return to the local diet. Less than a generation ago human beings worldwide traveled less than 10 miles to obtain the majority of the food they ate. Today the average conventionally grown vegetable has traveled more than 1500 miles by the time it has reached your pantry. Our food today is over processed, stale, and lacks nutrition. This new film, featuring some of the neo-pioneers of the Locavore movement will educate, inspire, and revitalize bringing health to our bodies AND our communities.

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